Bertie’s Cushion

img_0786Since Bertie came to live with us he’s spent each night in our bedroom; he snores. But he’s lovely.

Anyway it means either my lugging up his bed each night or when I’m too tired, inevitably when Le Marie is travelling for work, him sleeping on anything he can find in the room. So I’ve been thinking about what I can make for him. He often sleeps in the fireplace which, obviously, being an upstairs one doesn’t have a fire in it. I had been thinking about what to put in there – a vase of fairy lights perhaps? – but his habit has me bowing to the inevitable of making it his permanent home.

As it’s a fireplace it has a sort of A shape which got me thinking. About the same time I realised that one of my favourite skirts was getting too small for me (I’ve lost 11lbs, woohoo!) and came slipping down at inappropriate times. I know the French are more at home with being au naturale but there are limits after all. So as I still love the material and as I thought about its shape it seemed to be the solution.

All I needed to do was remove the elasticated waistband, sew up the bottom with a blanket stitch and then the top, leaving a hole to put the stuffing in before completing this. The stuffing actually cam from an old cushion; I’m trying to recycle as much as possible rather than landfill.

In the pictures you can see some of my brocante finds too; the mirror, the jug vase and blush pink bottle. Love them!

What do you think?

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Curtains With Trim Detail


Decorating a large house, especially one which is rented, is a daunting task. The windows in our old, stone house are very big; they’re the normal size of French doors in a uk house except, because the ceilings are so tall, they don’t actually come all the way to the floor. So putting curtains on them could be very expensive.

Thankfully I’ve been into upcycling furniture for a long time, so looking out for good, second hand curtains is something that I’ve always done. I bought these green curtains from a cancer research shop some years ago and gave them to my mum as she loved them. However, when we signed the contracts to move into the house she insisted that I took them, along with some other things that she said would suit the house more.

I think this place is secretly my mum’s dream home. She keeps saying how my grandmother would love it and asked me to have her anniversary dinner here recently.

The pattern on them is this lovely green with a goldish tint and a diamond repeat in the weave. They only go to just below the windows which I was dissapointed at at first, as I’d always thought of having full length curtains. However, it turns out not to be such a bad thing as the radiators are positioned beneath the windows and so they don’t block the heat; also they’re one thing that the puppy can’t chew.


When I put them up I liked them, but they were a little bit ‘blah’, Then I remembered the gold beaded trim that I’d bought ages ago in several metres. They’re a tiny bit to short for all four curtains, but I just started and finished the positioning of the trim in a little bit on each end of the curtain; I don’t think you can notice when they’re up.


To finish the detail I went to get some more ribbon. There are no department stores with habedasheries here, nor branches of a Dunelm Mill equivilant, so you have to go to small, boutique shops. The closest to me was a charming little fabric shop right opposite the sea in an old fishing village. The store had piles of fabrics and haberdashery items throughout it and was full of people coming and going, buying their wares.

I bought this nude, velvet ribbon and pink, detailed trim to finish my curtains, including enough for some tiebacks. I just used ring clips for the tie backs to make them super simple, and just to make them compliment, I spray painted them with a rose gold /bronze paint before hand.


In fact I didn’t even get my sewing machine out. This would have been quicker, but as all that was needed was a blanket stitch for the ribbon and a light stitch on the pink detail I just did it by hand in the sitting room. Sometimes I just enjoy hand seeing in a comfy position; it’s the difference between a book and a kindle in comfort levels.

The curtains had originally cost about £30 and the trim was less than €10 in total. What do you think?