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My Perfect Kitchen Corner


IMG_9390Note it’s the corner of the kitchen that’s perfect, not the whole kitchen. Behind this photo is me wrestling with the dog before he re-discovers the recycling, rushing into the adjacent dining room to take La Jolie Fille down from the table top again (I’ve moved chairs away from the dining table and she moves them back to get up their again, she’s determined) and hoovering up after my husband as he brings in the local beach on his shoes (“Oh, did I?” Innocent face). But this corner of my kitchen, bliss. Sometimes you need a perfect corner to keep you going don’t you?

As you can see below I’ve managed to find an equivilant to the herb poster that inspired me in my last post. I bought these inexpensive frames from my local La Foir’ Fouille and printed these herb pictures out. It shows how effective they are as my uncle thought I’d got them from the Brocante.

The café sign that you see in the image above is one that I did get from a Brocante; the colours are reflected in my plates that I’ve gathered together in the old plate rack. I didn’t need this as a drainer as the kitchen itself has a cunning cupboard that’s above the sink where you put washed items in to drain. Very clever.

Above the wooden plate rack is a vintage Mary with angel adoring her. The flowers that you can see draped over it are actually a string of fairy lights; if I’m feeling frustrated at all the cleaning a house requires I put them on – with some Edith Piaf playing on the vintage style CD player you can’t help but have your mood lifted.


The wash stand you can see is actually my second, and preferred buy. I made a Brocante buying error with my first, which I’ll share with you later. I had originally bought a wash stand to make into a dressing table for La Belle Fille, but I gave her a chest of drawers I’d painted instead when I found it had brought some little friends (yep, you’re getting what my error was huh?).


I was inspired to use a washstand in the kitchen by the final Pin on my last post and, as there was a huge gap next to our oven, it seemed like the ideal piece of furniture to fill it due to its marble top. You can put anything down on it from a hot oven without worrying. I bought it for €33 – the average you pay for a wash stand – and love the rich tones of the wood. There is a little drawer which I keep sharp knives etc in, and underneath is a shelf which I’ve put an unused wardrobe drawer on (from when Le Marie put a clothes rail in the armoire) to hold our spices. I’ve actually put vegetable baskets under the stand now too.

There’s a little shelf on the top of the wash stand so I keep my oils, wines, salt and pepper there. The rose jar was a gift from my Belle Mere and I’ve filled it with rock salt. I’d love to know what you think of my little corner, so if you want to drop me a line below the bar or on Twitter, instagram or Google+ any comments will be welcome.



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