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10 Pins To Inspire Your French (Rented) Kitchen

You’re limited when you have a rented kitchen, but the basic white kitchen we have has a lot of potential, even if there will be things that I can’t do. I’ve already done quite a bit of work which I’ll share later, but today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Pins that have inspired me.

Here is my ideal kitchen….


So perfect. Obviously the Aga isn’t going to be something in my kitchen, nor the window seat, or beautiful wood counter tops, or the Smeg fridge (sigh); but the shelves are something I’ve already started on.

IMG_9379Here’s another shelf, a great idea above the vintage stove. I love the stove too, it goes to show that you don’t always need loads of money to have that cosy kitchen feel. I really like the blue plates on the wall and accessories as well as the blind.

Here are more shelves, the blue goes with the green IMG_9378beautifully in this one don’t you think?

I love open shelves in a kitchen. They add interest and keep the area feeling light and open. I never worry about dirt either as whenever we have a dishwasher load just short of full I grab something from our open shelves and put them in too. As long as you remember what you’ve already done you can clean whole shelves relatively painless in a few washes, so everything stays bright and usable.

One thing I really want on my shelves are some of these vintage storage jars. I love them, particularly this pretty one on the right above.


This one above isn’t here for the shelves, but this gorgeous sink curtain. I adore the lace, but to be honest I’m a sucker for these anyway. Here’s an alternative to a plain skirt below, the material behind chicken wire. I have a couple of glass cabinet doors in the kitchen and I have to hold myself back from smashing the glass (horrible grey, smoky stuff) and giving this a go. The drop handles really add something too, so delicate. Unfortunately I’ve got green, bar ones. If we were staying here long term I’d just change them, but at the moment we’re in wait and see mode.


Something I’d love to do, but maybe it’s one for later on, is this folksy painted bin….


And my penultimate Pin is to show this lovely herb print, which I really wanted to emulate in ours.IMG_9389

That makes this my final Pin. As I can’t have my Aga I’m taking inspiration from this piece of furniture that’s obviously been co-opted by the kitchen. I love the tones in the wood and the marble top. It looks so rich and somehow adds a bit of decadence to the kitchen. Beautiful. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.IMG_9387




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