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Organising My French Country Bedroom



Since about this time last year I’ve felt in a constant state of upheaval. As we have Les Petites I’d started to pack our house up early, then when we moved it was into our friends kindly offered gîte and now we’ve moved to our rented farm house. Although even this address is not permanent – we’re waiting to see if we want to stay, how Brexit goes, the French elections etc – I’m trying to make us as comfortable and the house as homely as possible.

Now though, for the first time in a long time, I’ve finally got a bedroom where I can have my things close at hand – and what a bedroom! I don’t think I’ve ever had one this large; I feel like I’m living on one of those unrealistic, chick flick sets where the heroine has a beautiful, could never afford it in real life, apartment/house. There’s still work to do, but I wanted to share  what I’ve done so far with you.

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As the room is bigger I can have lots more storage so my dressing table is just being used for jewellery, accessories etc. It’s amazing, I can actually see things because there’s room to spread them out. Here are some of my organising solutions in case you’re looking for a bit of inspiration yourself (I’m a Pinterest junkie, so I get a lot of mine comes from there).

Firstly here’s my dressing table…


Make-Up Make up storage cotton wool dispenserOne thing I did spend out on storage wise is a Perspex make up sorter. I’m not a big make-up wearer, most days I go without and then catch a glimpse of myself horrified, ha! I figured if I got one of these maybe I’d use it more regularly and not scare little children as much.

Next to the make-up stand is my cotton ball dispenser. It’s  just a basic glass cookie jar that I already had. To make it more suitable for my dressing table I spray painted it with some left over bronze paint (I’ll update you on that project later).


I’ve just displayed mine on this pink, pressed glass plate. I love all those mirrored perfumes displayed on pressed pink platetrays that you often see displaying perfume and things on Pinterest, but I’m being careful what we spend our money on as I want to do as much with it as I can, so when I remembered this plate I knew it would be the perfect answer. I love rose scents so it all just complimented each other.

Beauty Products and Hair Styling Tools

I haven’t photographed them, but all my beauty products are in the top left drawer and I’ve managed to get all my hair styling tools in the other two, small drawers.

Use Cutlery And Ice Cube Trays For Easy Jewellery Storage

Love this idea, which I got from this pin on Pinterest. I used a clear cutlery tray and ice cube trays. The cutlery tray I just put in a box and spray painted with the same leftover bronze, metallic paint, then returned after ten minutes then did it again. I love it. I don’t know if it will hold up well having jewellery taken in and out, but I can always respray, it’s that simple. Other long necklaces I just hung from the armoire spray painted cutlery and ice cube trays jewellery organisation

The ice cube trays needed to be cut up to fit. I actually made them over lap so I could place one in front of the other to make them fit like building bricks, that way they stay stable in the drawer. They weren’t expensive, about 0,50€ each, and were quite thin so I could cut them with a pair of scissors. Of course as I put them together I made sure the rougher edges were tucked away.

Belts and Sunglasses organising belts and sunglassesI kept rolling belts to store them, then they’d unroll. So, when on a shopping trip I found these mini butterfly, hair clips and thought they’d be the ideal solution.


Most original armoires have just shelves, not a clothes rail, and they all seem to come with cute drawers and this is where I store my scarves.



I hate floppy boots and I hate smelly boots, so I liked that this solution appears to solve both of those problems. As I was IMG_9217unpacking and organising my drawers I checked each pair of thick tights I had for any holes; if they had them I put them to one side. Then, packing done, I cut each leg of the pair of tights mid-thigh and stuffed them with potpourri, comparing them to the boot length to ensure they were stuffed in line with the top of whatever bought I was going to use them for. Then I just tied the tight in a know on top – that simple. Each tight goes in one of a pair of boots and it helps them stay up, keeping their shape and smell sweet. I give them a spritz with febreeze air freshener every once in a while to keep them smelling sweet too.


The top shelf of my armoire has an arched, large space; perfect for bags. I roll up cardboard and put it inside my bags to keep there shape whilst I’m not using them. This way I can open my door, ignore the beautiful display of bags and use the same one I always do because of got a primary schooler and toddler with me. Ahhh, I can dream though can’t I 😉.




I already had these plastic storage boxes for my shoes which are see through so I can select a pair more easily.

Soft Hats, Gloves And Swimwear petitnid wordpress blog armoire

As I said armoires don’t have clothes rails, so my husband added this one for me. Unfortunately I’m too small to see what’s on the top shelf, so I keep these kind of items in boxes that I can just pull down and take a look at. The handles really help with this.

The boxes were actually from a little storage unit that you can see between the fireplace and other armoire. I keep it tucked in there and my ankle boots are stored there, out of the way of Bertie’s sharp little teeth. Bags and weddingOccasion Bags And Wedding Items

In the small, off-white armoire I have all my underwear, camisoles, nightwear etc in the drawer. In the cupboard part I keep all my evening bags, my beautiful wedding albums, shoes and memory box along with this little pink shoe – the first one of La Belle Fille. La Petite Fille kept throwing all hers, so they’ve all been lost, ha!

What do you think? Starting to feel like home to me!


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