Learning French

Teaching French To Children – Allouette

img_9090As I’ve said before La Belle Fille and I have been learning French since she had a good grasp of English; basically if she could say it confidently in English I started to teach it to her in French.

One of the best ways of teaching the French language to her, as with English, is song. The repetition and simplicity of nursery rhymes and childrens songs mean that French vocabulary is being ingrained easily by her. It also has the additional benefit of giving you some reprieve from the mind-numbing dullness of the repetition of English nursery rhymes by adding a challenge to yourself.

It’s so funny now to hear her sing these French songs now with, what sounds to me to me anyway, à Perfect french accent. I thought I’d make some posts on some traditional French songs with print outs of the lyrics and some background so if you wanted to this at home with your little one you can.

The first one is L’Alouette – you’re bound to know it. The song is based on the Lark (L’Alouette) and the singer’s desire to pluck it – probably as the result of their rude awakening!

You can get a print out if it here – L’Alouette.


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