Bertie’s Cushion

img_0786Since Bertie came to live with us he’s spent each night in our bedroom; he snores. But he’s lovely.

Anyway it means either my lugging up his bed each night or when I’m too tired, inevitably when Le Marie is travelling for work, him sleeping on anything he can find in the room. So I’ve been thinking about what I can make for him. He often sleeps in the fireplace which, obviously, being an upstairs one doesn’t have a fire in it. I had been thinking about what to put in there – a vase of fairy lights perhaps? – but his habit has me bowing to the inevitable of making it his permanent home.

As it’s a fireplace it has a sort of A shape which got me thinking. About the same time I realised that one of my favourite skirts was getting too small for me (I’ve lost 11lbs, woohoo!) and came slipping down at inappropriate times. I know the French are more at home with being au naturale but there are limits after all. So as I still love the material and as I thought about its shape it seemed to be the solution.

All I needed to do was remove the elasticated waistband, sew up the bottom with a blanket stitch and then the top, leaving a hole to put the stuffing in before completing this. The stuffing actually cam from an old cushion; I’m trying to recycle as much as possible rather than landfill.

In the pictures you can see some of my brocante finds too; the mirror, the jug vase and blush pink bottle. Love them!

What do you think?


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