Golden Shelves


I know they’re a bit ‘bling’, but they’re oh, so easy!

Doing up a rented home is a bit of a tightrope walk. What can you do? How much is it practical to spend? What can you be bothered to do for somewhere you may not live a long time? All these thoughts were going through my mind when I was conspiring how to organise our French kitchen.

The kitchen itself is really quite big, we’ve always had smallish kitchens so I might happy with the size. There’s also a lot of cupboard space as they go high up. However one thing I loved about our old kitchen was the open shelving that we had and it’s something I wanted to repeat here.

My pops helped me with putting up the actual shelves; I’d got the brackets from Bricomarche and an extra rail (the suspension type normally used to hand foils in a wondow) to hang hooks on for towels, aprons etc. As the shelves themselves were just untreated wood though I had to think about how to seal them; paint? Varnish? Stained wax?

The thing is when you have a toddler and a primary aged child at home, and added to that a husband that has to go away frequently on long business trips, you have to focus on what’s easy and fast. We’re talking nap times here folks; what can you fit in a nap time? Hence the gold shelves.

I’d considered normal paint (primer, at least one coat, fairly long drying time before you can put things on it), chalk paint (no primer, shirt drying time – oh but the sanding to get it smooth, and then the waxing) when I came across  a can of gold spray paint I’d bought for another project.

Unlike a lot of paint in France spray paint seems to be on a par to the uk. The large tin I bought was just over €7, (enough to do several coats on three shelves) and I later found an even cheaper brand at Centakor. Reading the instructions I was pleased to see I just needed to ensure then wood was clean and dust free and spray with one or two coats. The ten minutes until respraying and the 30 minutes suggested before you could put something on it was what swung it!

The most time consuming part was ensuring that the area surrounding the shelves was protected by applying lots of masking tape and some plastic film I had from the move. However once this was done it was unbelievably easy to spray away. The application took minutes! I could get on and do things whilst each coat dried, couldn’t be simpler.

I actually went out to run errands whilst the final coat dried and when I got back everything was ready to be put back. When I’ve used gloss before it’s still been sticky at this stage.

When you’re working on kitchen spaces this is a life saver. It meant that once I was home I could start the dinner with no fuss within minutes.

When i took of all the protection there was a little bit of spray on the tiles (shown) and on the walls and brackets. However this was easily removed with a cotton pad and some nail varnish remover. This has been my go to ever since a boilerman told me about it when I couldn’t get some heavy duty carpet tape from a laminate floor. It’s great.

What do you think? Too much?


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