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First Weigh In

imageI weighed myself yesterday and I’ve gone down from 10st 9.8lbs to 10st 7lbs (although my fitnes pal doesn’t show this as it had my pre-Christmas weight recorded last), so I’ve lost about 2.5lbs. I was really surprised as my first target was just to eat three meals a day and I’ve stuck to this, but I didn’t expect a relatively big weight loss as I’d started to record my food on my fitness pal as well and, to be honest, five out of the seven days I was over my allowance!

I think this is a reflection of how much I’ve was eating before, but also how importent it is not to get despondent when you’re consuming more than you thought and to just keep going with the diet. So many times in the past when I’ve eaten too much I’ve had the ‘well I might as well have….’ attitude. This time I didn’t ‘start tomorrow’ I just kept going. I know as my diet progresses I won’t always have success on higher calories, but part of the reason for my slow weight loss target is that so I actually get there, not give up along the way because I’m not fast enough.

I have a new target for this week; I’m getting out my leg warmers and starting Callanetics again. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it this is a great low impact, powerful workout that can help you get into shape quickly. I’m starting to do three sessions a week.

How is your diet going? Don’t forget if you want support please feel free to follow me on myfitnesspal – my username is frenchfranky. Hope you have great week!


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