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Want To Join Me?


Last Christmas nobody stole my heart, but I seem to have stole someone’s pies in the year between as I was about a stone and a half lighter. In the June of 2015 I had decided that I was going to lose weight at a slow and steady pace; at the time I had 32 weeks until Christmas and I figured even if I just lost 1lb a week I’d be significantly thinner by then. I didn’t lose that much, some holidays and some time decidedly off track took their toll, but I was thinner and felt much more positive as a result.

Then I went completely off track. 😖

This year I’m going for the slow and steady method again. Even if it’s .5lb a week, or on the weeks I’m just maintaining, I’m going to concentrate on heading in the right direction. At .5lbs a week I could lose 26lbs after all, lose an average between .5lbs and 1lbs and that’s 39lbs – more than my target weight loss!

I’ve decided to set myself a weekly goal to bring the weight loss about, for example my first goal is just to eat three meals a day with only fruit for snacks. I know what’s healthy and what isn’t, I’ve been on so many diets, so I can make good food choices and as long as I’m doing that 90% of the time I should start to lose weight.

When I chose a new goal I won’t abandon the old one, but just introduce something else that will bring me success in this area. So, for instance, the next week I might focus on drinking enough water throughout the day.

I’ve decided to do it this way as I’m hoping the habits I create will stick if I can imbed them over a year and I won’t get overwhelmed.

Anyone with me?


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