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Baby, it’s cold inside!

There have been a lot of false starts, so I say this with some trepidation, but we finally have internet! It comes through a phone line, into our house. I don’t have to wait five minutes for it to load, I’m actually going to be able to Facebook, send emails and all of those 21st Century things that we now take for granted! (I know there are a lot of exclamation marks, but I feel they’re valid)

We’ve been on an emotional journey to get to this point though. We signed contracts to rent the house on the 1st December and collected the keys on the 9th. However as the house had been uninhabited for about 10 months everything had been completely cut off; water, electricity and phones. So as well as arranging for a fuel delivery I had to arrange for all these representatives to come to the house. This meant over a weeks wait in the majority of circumstances and took a long time to track down who was what, the telephone numbers needed etc. It seemed to drag on and on.

Finally, after my husband had hired a van and moved all of our furniture in with my dad and uncles help, I waited in for the utilities representatives on the Monday. Fuel from E LeClerc was easy and we were ready to go with this before we moved, but we couldn’t use it as we had no electricity for the boiler.

When the electricity was connected the landlord came to start the boiler and it worked for about half an hour. To the landlord’s credit he called out a plumber to sort it out and came out himself, but there would be no heating that night. So Le Marie and I decided to return to my parents for the evening.

The next day early in the morning the plumber returned, but he needed a part which would mean waiting until the day after. We were left with a freezing cold house and – for reasons I’ll go into in another post – no fireplaces that worked. As we had electricity we decided we’d stay the night because we could use the paraffin fuelled heaters we’d bought during the time we stayed in our friends gite. However they started to play up too – it seems that water had got into the paraffin containers and they kept cutting out.

The house was freezing, we managed to keep restarting the heaters so we could heat one room, but we finally had to make a decision – should we stay or go? We were really concerned for our young daughters because of the cold obviously. However, La Belle Fille has been upset by the move. Putting it off all the time seemed to be making it bigger in her eyes. As we were able to heat one room we made the decision to stay and all sleep in the same room for that night.

All through the night I couldn’t sleep, checking to see if the little ones were OK and switching the heaters back on to keep them warm. They slept well though and on Wednesday, La Belle’s midweek day off, we were able to spend the day in our new house.

I, of course, telephoned and complained to the immoblier that I couldn’t at least access the fireplaces – if we’d been able to at least light a fire we’d have been able to warm the house a little! After some excuses she eventually brought round a certification saying that the one in the dining room was cleaned and ready for use. However the one in the living room, despite my specifically requesting that both be working, was not. She assured me it would be done by the end of the week. Like I said, more about that later.

So after a week of freezing cold, shifting boxes, colds and tummy upsets (it never rains but it pours) the sitting room and dining room are how in a liveable state. I thought I’d share some pictures with you here.
This is our salon – my favourite room. As I was pulling out my things from packing boxes I kept thinking “actually, that goes in here….oh, so does that…..and this….”. It’s like I was always meant to live in this type of house. See what you think….


Here’s dining/family room….


Hope your build up to the festive season’s going well?


2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold inside!

  1. Every home needs a pink princess castle! It’s beautiful my lovelies – give my little girls a big Christmas kiss and speak tomorrow


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