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We’ve been rushing to and fro trying to get everything done for our move. Arranging a fuel delivery from E. LeClerc was simple. Trying to get our electric, water and telephone not so much. Because the previous tenant left some months ago the utilities had been completely cut off, so this has meant arranging the specialists to come to the house. These are often subcontractors and so I’ve had to have numerous telephone conversations in French to organise it all.

On the Friday I picked up the keys and went through the house with the immoblier. Even without any prospect of moving in I was incredibly excited. It felt like we’d finally moved to France, un vrais petite nid.

I wondered all around the house marvelling at all the light fittings – well the ones that are actually in place. As is often the case in France some of them had been removed completely!

I managed to take these shots of the lights fittings – what do you think? Vintage chic or old hat? (The first two are the light fitting for the hall and dining room, they just happen to match).




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