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Brocante Bargains

After I’d spotted out new home and we’d organised a date to sign the contract I couldn’t resist heading down to our local brocante to try and find some bargains. As with all second hand places sometimes you find lots to take your fancy, sometimes a little and sometimes you have to stop yourself from buying just because you don’t want to leave empty handed.

I went with a clear agenda – wardrobes. Our old home had some fitted cupboards so we had none. I also wanted to get a little dressing table for my daughter as she loves to look in the mirror and is unhappy about moving again – I thought that planning her bedroom together might make her more excited.

Anyway I thought I’d share my bargains with you. As with any secondhand finds you sometimes have to look beyond their present state to what could be and I’ve got plans for a lot of my bargains.


My first one was a real bargain – €27. My mum spotted it and I think it was so cheap because it’s so large. It’s not my normal taste, but the carvings are amazing and I thought I could paint it. Here are some of my inspirational images, I’d love to hear what you think.

Then came the much needed wardrobes at €216 for the pair…


I think I might leave them as they are or paint them like this…



For Les Petites room I bought these two wardrobes….


The first wardrobe was €120, but I loved the details and the wood. I thought it would be perfect for a little girls room. The second, apart from the Queen Anne legs, was a little bluh, but I chose it because I wanted to do something like this with it…

I’ve hand painted roses on furniture before and it turne out quite well. The two wardrobes together should look really nice I hope. The final piece for my daughter’s bedroom was this toilette at €15….


The leg’s a bit wobbly but the top is solid and it would be nice to paint and add a different handle. I’ve even thought of giving it this type of treatment….

The one on the right is lovely, the one on the left is girly heaven. Even without the kidney shape I think I could achieve a nice version of the left hand one.

This buffet was, I thought, a good buy at €120. Sorry for the terrible photo, but you should be able to make out the fruit carvings on it….


I thought about painting this a neutral colour all over, or doing that and then highlighting the features in different colours like this (but with fruit colours)…

I also bought two mirrors; one gold (€25) and a beautiful, pink Venetian mirror (€33)…

I think the Venetian one is similar to the recent Laura Ashley Gatsby range…


My final buy so far has been this lamp which is brass and cost €101…


Th base is wood covered in carpet (?) and the lampshade is horrible and completely the wrong size, but for a brass lamp I thought the price was good. I think it will be wonderful done up. Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear your ideas.


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