Contracts Exchanged!

No, sadly, we haven’t been able to suddenly buy; however we have decided to rent long term and today we signed the contracts. We’re moving in next Friday!

So many things led to this decision. After my boasting about Internet access in my last post stormy, overcast weather meant we were once again without any signal. We didn’t even have tv!

Then, whilst my husband was away, the sudden drop in temperature meant that I was left tending a fire to make sure Les Petites were kept warm. The beautiful gite we were staying in was wonderful for summer and even short winter stays, but winter……brrr. I had electric heaters on none stop, I was constantly filling up paraffin heaters (which I always managed to overfill, leaving a puddle of paraffin everywhere – not good) and dragging bag after bag of logs of wood into the front room. That and the dragging around of wet laundry to the local laundarette meant that my shoulder, weak from La Jolie Fille, was hurting all the time. I know, world’s tiniest violin.

Anyway, after one of my sleep deprived nights checking my girls hadn’t frozen to death (not dramatic at all) I decided that this was only the beginning of winter. It was going to get worse. We had to move!

So, hubby still away, off I went looking at houses with the possibility of renting somewhere with the intention of buying it in the future. Then I saw this wonderful house….


for rent. Trying to get hold of the immoblier was a but of a nightmare. However French rental properties are actually advertised with the address, so I managed to drive down and see it – I immediately fell in love!

You know how when you’re house hunting you have things you hate? For me it’s a house to close to the road. Well this one is, albeit a reasonably quiet road – somewhat busy by country standards, not anywhere else. Every five minutes a car goes along it – it’s the same rate that cars used to go along the road where I used to live in the night.

Anyway, my road noise bug bare disappeared as I got out of the car and peered into the windows of this house – it’s so gorgeous! Here are a few pictures……


They don’t do it justice, really. In fact I’m so enamoured I went away and thought about whether it was really necessary to buy over here. I’m the type of person who loves their home, I’m a real nest builder, hence the title of my blog. But with all the Brexit uncertainty and the fact that our home in the UK keeps going up in value, we’re thinking that perhaps we’ll just rent and build our equity.

So now I’m busy packing – again – and getting ready to phone French electricity companies, arrange oil deliveries, phone lines, water – everything.

I’ve also managed to do a bit of shopping and I’ll share with you my buys in the next post.


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