The Beauty Of Autumn

The season has changed; days that still felt summery when we walked past the local img_0337farmyard animals have turned to a landscape filled with russets and reds. I love the Autumn and the colours and the cold delights me.

La Marraine has recently visited with her family which was wonderful. I asked her if my perspective, that here in the countryside the seasons were more vivid, was my imagination and she said she thought so too. It seems that, perhaps because of pollution, there’s little of this colourful leaf phase back home and they just fell. Imagination or not I think you’d agree that these images are beautiful; we’re truly blessed.


It’s not only the surrounded by trees that these changes are apparent. Living close to the sea it’s wonderful to visit the beaches and see seascape with its French greys; an image that reminds me of our former home by the sea in the UK. Living very near the sea there I always used to love turning a corner on an everyday journey, finding myself confronted by an image of the sea.

Sparkling and blue, covered in little boats on sunny days, or grey, exciting and stormy – I loved it. The journey is longer to get there now, but the beaches are sandy and the girls can make sand castles all the time. Happy days!


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