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Bayeux and La Marraine


It’s been a long time since my last post, but we now have far better access to the Internet so hopefully I can start posting more regularly. Le Marie arranged for us to get a SIM card that picked up a signal here in the country, at least if you put the phone up on the latch of the window. By activating the personal hotspot setting we can now get signal to iPads and laptops. As we can’t get broadband here it’s sufficient for personal internet access, although Le Marie must still go to work in my parents house as its not powerful enough for work.

We’ve also had a wonderful visit from La Marraine and her family. La Belle Fille couldn’t believe that she was here when we went to meet her at the village church to guide her to the house. She kept asking “at the church in England?” and didn’t understand my explanation that no, she was here in France; just like when we used to come to visit Nanny and Grandad France.

All the way to the meeting point she repeated this question in various ways, trying to understand. Then, when she saw La Marraine’s car she was stunned! On the journey back to the house she kept saying “and they’re here, in France, and Père Noël (my name for La Marraine’s other half, he’s got a white beard) waved at me!”

La Marraine and her family were making a tour of the WW2 battlefields in the area and, because La Belle was on half term and La Petite needs a nap at midday, she took La Belle with her on them. La Belle adores her, an adoring adult that she can boss around in a sweet little girl way. Apparently she was pointing at all the placards with a stick getting her to read the contents. She misses her so much now she’s gone home, but at least now she knows that her old world isn’t beyond reach.

Whilst they were here we all went to Bayeux together and, of course, were struck by the extraordinary beauty of the town, particularly as Autumn has turned the leaves to a riot of russets, oranges and yellows.

Bien sûr, we went to visit the tapestry; made by Anglo Saxon’s to commemorate the victory of the Normans (nothing like rubbing salt in wounds). It’s amazing and, although La Petite wasn’t very impressed, La Belle was entertained throughout the visit with her personal audio guide with child specific content. She was heard exclaiming about what she was hearing throughout our tour. That and the fact that she’s now able to list the beaches of the DDay landings thanks to La Marraine means this was a very productive half term!

I thought I’d share some shots of Bayeux with you here….

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