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Parents Meeting


Le Marie and I attended our first parents meeting this week at La Belle’s school. I’ve started to feel as if I’m managing more with the language, but then I go to something like this and I feel deflated again. I’d recently had a meeting with Ruby’s teacher on my own and I’d understood the majority of what was being said. However this time the meeting lasted a lot longer and the pace was a lot faster. It felt like that as soon as I’d worked out what the sentence was that had been said I was trying to understand the next, so the first wasn’t retained. If it hadn’t been for the previous meeting and the slide-show I don’t think I’d have understood anything.

Towards the end as we were gathering to leave, and I was exhausted from concentrating, one of the mothers said how excited she was that La Belle was at the school and all the other mothers joined in – it seems that the opportunity to hear the English accent was a golden one! It was so lovely to be welcomed warmly.

Madame Proffesseure then said how amazed they were that La Belle had been able to count to 23 in French easily despite only arriving here on the 9th August; I was so pleased to see our hard work before coming was paying off.

She also said how La Belle’s presence was enthusing the other children to learn French. She was regularly seen in a corner of the class counting in English amongst other things, helping the others with learning the language.

One thing that I took away from the meeting that all the children need to learn the conjugations of words. So Madame Professeure was encouraging them to say the day, date, weather etc each day, but then continue with (in French) “yesterday was….”, “tomorrow will be…..”. So it seems it’s time to get out the resources I made earlier in the year to start this at home too.

We think we have our internet sorted, we’re just waiting for a new SIM card. So hopefully soon there’ll be more posts and I can actually start contacting people more. Hope you’re Autumn  is beautiful as the one here xxx