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Packing and Cancelling


Still at it. It seems to be never ending. My body aches. I thought I’d done loads in the last few months, but apparently not. There’s only so much packing that you can do a significant time before you move after all. So now box after box, vacuum pack after vacuum pack – it’s all going away. My whole body aches.

The kids are just watching tv. I feel like I’m abusing them. Any minute now their going to go ferile with boredom. Sometimes La Belle Fille ‘helps’ me, but it’s too boring even for her and she wonders away to watch tv again. She’s starting to refer to the tv characters as friends now. So I’m aching and feeling guilty.

We’ve cancelled our child benefits.

And then I pack.

We’ve sent a letter to our GP to take us from the list.

And then I pack.

We’ve alerted the council we’re going.

And then I pack.

We’ve cancelled the direct debit for the tv.

And then I pack.

We’ve sorted out the car registration, insurance etc.

And then I pack.

I’d turn to drink, but I’m so busy packing that I’d actually have to have it fed into my arm on a drip and pull it round on one of those stand thingies. I have seriously considered it, but I know it would get it the way of the packing.

Somebody, somewhere – for the love of God – tell me it all ends and that it’s going to be worth it. Please. I’m losing the will to live!




2 thoughts on “Packing and Cancelling

  1. It will end and it will be worth it! I have moved quite a few times, we have lived in three different continents and four different countries and each time packed and moved with five children in tow. Every time I have said, NEVER again, I hate it, but it’s rather like childbirth, we forget, very fast!!! What is your moving date? Big hugs,xxx


    1. Wonderful – that’s just what I needed to hear! We’re moving next Tuesday. I’m so excited when I think of that – it’s just this in between bit!xx


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