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Just to let you know….

imageI just thought I’d let you all know why I’ve been a little bit quiet recently.

We’ve discussed changing our move to an earlier date as my poor husband is finding it really difficult to get all the decorating that needs to be done around the furniture and the kids. So he thinks that if we move earlier than anticipated he can come back and do it without the interference. Luckily we have my folks house to stay in as our new home won’t be ready then.

This means that I have to deep clean the house as I go along as Le Marie can’t have all that as well as the decorating to do as well. So our expected departure time left has been cut in half? HALF! I’ve spent my day moving furniture out of the conservatory and going up and down a ladder deep cleaning it to make a space for the boxes marked ‘house’. It means that they can be the first to go in the van to be stored at the front of my Pa’s hanger for easy transfer to our home on move in day.

As for the boxes marked ‘house’…….

We expect that our new home for the next year, though lovely, will be cold. I suddenly realised though after a conversation with Le Marie that I’d packed away all the eiderdowns that we own amongst the things that were due to go in storage for the year. We will, of course, be needing them!

Which led me to think – now that we know where we’ll be living what else have I packed that I think we’ll now need? So I’m now faced with the task of unpacking, sorting and repacking all of our boxes into those that we will need for the rented property and those we’ll store.

Doing all this with a 4 and 1 1/2 year old is trying to say the least. Especially as La Belle Fille is starting to realise that all the fuss made at both her preschools last week (three picnics in one week) was because she won’t be going back. She keeps demanding to go to school and getting stroppy when we try and explain.

I’m tired. Je suis épuisé.  image

So for the next few weeks I’m afraid our house will see no proper cooking; I’m just making the most of the good weather and doing a piece of meat and a salad everyday. As there’s no cooking there are no recipes, but between now and when we go I’ll share some of my old baking recipes with you.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer sun!



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