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Les Fêtes des Pères; French Father’s Day Card And Songs

As its Father’s Day this Sunday I’m busy teaching this to my little girl to sing to her daddy today and we’ve used the lyrics in her Father’s Day card. I thought I’d include some links and lyrics in case, if you have young children, you’d like to do the same.

imagePetit Papa

Petit Papa, c’est aujourd’hui ta fête,
Maman m’a dit que tu n’étais pas là.
J’avais des fleurs pour couronner ta tête
Et un bouquet pour mettre sur ton cœur.
Petit Papa, petit Papa!

Little Daddy, today is your day
Mommy told me you weren’t here.
I had flowers to crown your head
And a bunch to put on your heart.
Little Daddy, little Daddy!

Obviously in this traditional French Fathers’ Day song daddy is out working!

Alternatively there’s this one from Monde des Petits.

C’est Toi Mon Papa

C’est toi mon papa adoré ! image
C’est toi qui me fais rêver !
C’est toi qui fais mon bonheur,
Je t’aime de tout mon cœur.

Qui m’a appris les additions ?
Papa plus moi equals Plein de bisous !
Qui m’a appris les multiplications ?
Papa fois moi equals Plus de bisous !

Bon… maintenant tu connais mon secret !
Tu sais, si je sais faire du vélo,
ou si je sais nager sur le dos,
C’est grâce à quelqu’un d’important pour moi !


Qui m’a donc appris le français ? image
Papa, je t’aime, papa, bisous, bisous !
Et qui m’a donc appris l’anglais ?
I love you daddy, I love you ! Kiss ! Kiss !

You are my loved daddy!
It’s you who makes me dream !
It’s you who makes me happy ,
I love you with all my heart.

Who taught me the additions ?
Papa plus Me equals Lots of kisses!
Who taught me the multiplications ?
Papa times me equals more kisses!

Well … now you know my secret! image
You know, if I know cycling,
or if I swim on my back,
It is thanks to someone important to me!


Who taught me French?
Daddy, I love you , daddy, kiss, kiss!
And I therefore learned English ?
I love you daddy , I love you ! Kiss ! Kiss !




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