Moving To France · Preparations For The Move · Preparing The Children

I Spy A New Home…


We went yesterday to visit our friends who have offered us a place to live for a year in their gite. It was an opportunity to see it with La Belle Fille, so she could see where we where going to live. The house has a wonderfully big sitting room with a large wood burner and a country kitchen with a dresser and kitchen table. This is all set in the French countryside – a little piece of heaven on earth!

They’ve very kindly had the stairs removed as they were constructed with just the steps, nothing in between. Obviously not good for little children. The man who’s constructing the new stairs had already removed the old ones and now our eldest is fascinated by the upstairs that she can’t reach!

The house has a long lawn and our eldest scared us when she ran to the bottom, ignoring my calls to her, and into a stream! Obviously we’ll be putting in fencing for peace of mind!

I can’t believe how excited I am! image

The last few days I’ve been trying to encourage La Belle Fille to use the French she has, to no avail. Until we used the ultimate bribe for children that is – stickers! I’ve bought 100 heart stickers and each time she says something in French she gets one. When she has 100 she gets a game of boules. She’s now saying bonjour and au revoir in each shop as well as merci. As we go on I’m going to encourage her with s’il te plaît and other phrases.

In fact we’re walking to the local boulangerie tomorrow to give her an opportunity to speak some more.


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