Sweet Saturday; Pain au Chocolat


Part of the preparations to move is my using up all the food in our freezer and cupboards. It’s amazing how much I have squirrelled away; my mum did say to me once that she thought I was preparing for Armageddon, I thi she was right!

One of the things we had was a few packets of frozen puff pastry and some cooking chocolate. That and an egg is all you need to make these for your breakfast or brunch. Just take the pastry put of the freezer the night before and in the morning follow these simple steps.

  1. Un-roll the pastry and leave it in its greaseproof paper. With the lengths horizontal cut the pastry in thirds.
  2. Break some cooking chocolate into squares as you use them and place them about 1/2cm from the edge of the width. You just one a line of chocolate running parallel with the width of the pastry, leaving a small gap at the edges. If you want it super chocolatey make two rows of chocolate.
  3. Keep folding the pastry until it’s a roll with all the chocolate inside.
  4. Still on the sheet of pastry move the rolls of pastry onto a baking tray. Saves on washing up too – told you this was simple!
  5. Brush the tops with beaten egg yolk.
  6. In a preheated oven (220C/200c Fan) bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown.

A great Saturday morning treat!


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