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TFTC; Activities ( Free Printout)


A really simple topic that hardly needs an introduction. As we’ve embedded a lot of the previous vocabulary with everyday use I decided to make a list of activities based on what she does each day at pre-school, at home and in the park.

I’ve made these A4 posters which are put up in the house so we can refer to them all the time. You can see the ones one our kitchen window in the conservatory. When I pick her up from school I ask; image

Qu’as-tu tu fait aujourd’hui? 

As we’ve just started to use this vocabulary I bring up examples from our posters (available to download here French Vocabualry Activities) and I get her to say whether she’s done them.

At home whenever she wants to do an activity I encourage her to say it in French. The posters are written in the present tense, but I use the various tenses as you would in English – she gets the idea by deciphering the key words.

I’ve chosen this topic as I hope that, as these will be similar activities that she will be doing in l’école maternelle, she will have some useful vocabulary before she starts.image

If you download them and give them a try I’d love to hear what you think, and of course any suggestions you have.




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