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May; Devotion to Mary, Roses and Irises – Free Downloads

DSCF2383 My husband and I are a mixed faith marriage – I’m a practising Catholic and he’s an agnostic atheist. He always said that it was suffering that caused him to doubt God’s existence.

A few years ago, after desperately trying for children, we conceived and then miscarried. We were devastated. After it became apparent something was wrong I began to pray the rosary over and over. I had come back to faith through Protestantism and was unsure how I felt about Mary and later when I miscarried I doubted even more. My husband had only heard me praying, not which prayers, and he later told me that he had prayed too.

After the miscarriage I expected him to see it as proof positive that God didn’t exist – yet he was the one to physically take me back to church, saying ‘I don’t know if there’s a heaven, but I believe she is looking after them’ as he looked at a statue of Mary. We actually bought a little statue of a Madonna together to remind us of our child. Still my reticence over Mary remained for many years.

My husband and I couldn’t conceive so we adopted instead; two little girls from different backgrounds. Our final adoption with our youngest daughter was so difficult I nearly gave up. There were over three times the amount of people wanting to adopt as there are children and our social workers kept leaving meaning we were without an advocate to talk to others for us. Then, just before the Easter, I found myself with my mother in the little village where we were thinking of buying a house. There was a chapel to Mary as well as the local church and we’d decided to visit. For the first time in a long time I asked Mary to pray for me for a child.

The next day I was contacted by a new social worker who had seen our profile and, realising that her imageworkload was becoming lighter, had asked for us as new clients. Her name was Mary. She was contacting us because a social worker that I’d contacted some six weeks before about a six month old girl had been in touch – we were their preferred choice! The little girl shared the same middle name as my previously adopted daughter – Mai and May.

May is the month that Catholics dedicate to Mary. This bouquet that I honoured her with has white and pink roses – signifying purity and perfect love – and Iris’ – symbolising fidelity and piercing sorrow. La Belle Fille and I are praying the Hail Mary together, in English and French. If you’d like to know the prayer in either language there’s a free download here (French Hail Mary). It’s a powerful prayer, the meditations Mary uses to tell us about her son.


6 thoughts on “May; Devotion to Mary, Roses and Irises – Free Downloads

  1. I love, love, LOVE what your husband said about Mary!!!!

    And, I personally believe (as do many of my Catholic friends) that you have personal saints up in heaven, looking down on you and smiling. And, so happy to see you were open to the gift of adoption, too!!


      1. Thankyou so much for your comments. I’d urge anyone who’s reading this to go to your site and read your beautiful words on Mary’s suffering. Come to think of it they remind me so much of Mark Lowry, who wrote Mary did you know, and what he said. Mary’s silence at the foot of the cross bears witness to truth in itself. God bless.

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    1. Thank you Catherine – Molly May is such a sweet name. There must be a song of that title, probably Irish. It has the ring of the kind of songs my mum sang to me :).


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