Learning French

Cooking and Baking Terms; Free Print Outs

imageIn my French lesson before last my teacher asked me to describe how I’d cooked the meal we’d just eaten. I managed it, just. But I didn’t have the vocabulary to really do it justice.

Leading up to my first French lesson I set myself a French Learning Challenge and part of that was to talk as much as I could in French, a running commentary almost on my day to day life. It may seem odd to focus on such basic, home based vocabulary, but it’s actually really beneficial. This is because by doing so I still have to practise verb tenses and utilise the grammar and most commonly used word throughout.

As my teacher has said that in my next lesson she’s going to ask about what I’ve been cooking again (she ought to buy her own recipe books really) as well as what we got up to on our recent French trip (kind of like that beginning of the year activity you used to get in primary school). So to help me I’ve made these for my kitchen fridge with some cooking terms to jog my memory. They don’t have the English translation, if you wanted to you can print them out and write the English on them and then when you’re more confident reprint them without.

There is one for baking here (French Vocabulary Baking Poster) and one for cooking here (French Vocabulary Cooking Poster).  Below is the list of vocabulary and its English translation – I’m going to start including them in my recipes so look out for them there too.

to weigh  peser  (First, weigh the flour.  Tout d’abord, pesez la farine.)
to mix mélanger (To mix things together.  Mélanger des choses ensemble.)
to add ajouter
to bake faire cuire au four
to boil bouillir
to broil griller
to brown faire dorer
to carve up découper
to chop [to mince] hacher
to cook cuisiner
to cook on the grill faire cuire sur le gril
to cook slowly cuire
to crumble émietter
to cut couper
to deep fry faire frire
to divide séparer
to divide up diviser
to drain égoutter
to fill remplir
to grill griller
to ladle up servir à la louche
to layer coucher
to mash pulper
to mince émincer
to poach pocher
to pour verser
to put mettre
to remove seeds, stones épépiner
to roast rôtir
to serve servir
to shake secouer
to shallow fry faire revenir
to slice trancher
to spread éparpiller
to sponge éponger
to spoon [spoon out] servir avec une cuiller
to sprinkle on top saupoudrer
to stuff [something] farcir
to stir tourner
to thicken épaissir
to toast griller du pain
to whip in incorporer
to whip up battre
to whisk battre au fouet



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