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TFTC; Daily Self Care Routines (Free Download)


I last shared how my little girl was starting to identify what clothes she was wearing in French along with describing them using colours and selecting the right possessive pronouns. This is going really well, primarily because she has been at home during the day recently as she was on Easter brake but, alas, the housework doesn’t follow holiday rules. As a result I had a marathon session of ironing to catch up on and, as my youngest was having her nap, I kept her entertained by asking what each item of clothes I was pressing in French. She had her little pile of clothes laminates in front of her and at the start would go through them to find the right item.

As she correctly identified them I would ask her whether they would use son, sa or ses to say hers or his. Although at first she got confused that items that were hers were considered ‘boy’ in gender, and there were lots of ‘that’s just the way the French do it’, eventually she got the hang of it. She loved doing it too as it meant I was giving her so much attention, whereas normally such an activity would mean she would have to entertain herself – kids are so loving aren’t they?

After so much repitition it’s really gone in and now, whenever she’s getting dressed and choosing clothing, she can pretty much tell me what it is in French even when we’re upstairs far away from the cards.

So, as she’s still not back at preschool for another week and her normal sentences of what she’s doing can’t be used, I’ve decided to go a step further and look at daily routines for self care (French Daily Routines). So far we’ve done everything in the second person as she liked seeing her name on our at home white board (i.e. the fridge). But now to introduce this idea I’m going to use the first person.

As these are the same things she will be doing each day, rather than create the sentence, I’ve decided to approach this differently. I’ve kept the picture to be printed separately and each day she forms the sentences and matches them to the picture.

This is helped by my describing our self-care in French to encourage consolidation of the vocabulary. Although the sentences are only in the first Person, as you can see, I’m talking about other people doing the activities to start to introduce these conjugations;

Pappa se brosse ses dents.

Nous nous brossons nos dents.

Elle se brosse ses dents.

I’m also using this as an opportunity to develop my French by focusing on different tenses, such as the past tense, in my head – so as not to confuse her.

Just a couple of things;

  • In the attached print out the full stops are some distance from the last word so they can be printed off and used seperately. This is a really good way of getting little ones to identify and use full stops as capital letters etc can be blocks to their ability to read a sentence. At first she called full stops ‘cool stops’ – so sweet!
  • I’ve used chalk duster script as this is a simple typeface and easy for those beginning to read to identify letters.
  • The pictures used are just downloaded from the Internet; as I’m just producing these for my own use and allowing others to share on a non-profit basis. If anyone wants me to stop using an image please let me know and I’ll emerge it straight away.

If you’re giving these ago, or are attempting to teach your little one French or another second language I’d love to hear about your experiences. Bon chance! 
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