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TFTC; School Vocabulary + Free Printable


My husband and I have booked to go to France for a couple of days to see a school for our plus grande fille. It’s kind of surreal; we’ve wanted to move to France for so long that I can believe we’re actually at this stage. I’m expecting any moment now for something to happen which means that, once again, we have to put the dream on hold!

As our daughter is coming with us I have been racking my brains to think of what I can teach her in terms of vocabulary that will just give her a sense of recognition. It might seem an odd thing to do – after all I’m not going to be able to teach her enough in the time we have to make her understand what is happening. However I thought that just a few words can give her a sense of excitement about the visit. Recently we were watching a French video when she saw the words l’école maternelle and she was so ecstatic when she recognised it from her sentences. Also she heard the word jardin in another programme and recognised it from a French book we read together and reacted in the same way, so I’m sure this will help.

I’ve spoken before about the French channel for children I often put on for her through the Amazon link on our tv and one of the song is all about going to school. The lyrics are great and something we can sing throughout the day to reinforce vocabulary – and there are plenty of simple school based words in the song. From books, to clothes (which she is already getting used to of course) as well as references that we can discuss about how children go to school in France.

For example the animation shows the character getting ready for school which they go to on a bus – like America French school buses pick children up from near their home to take them (although I still see her as too little for that). The character also is reminded to take their goûter by their maman – something which is part of French childrens eating patterns.

So I’m intending not only to introduce the vocabulary with this, but to start to introduce this little part of French culture before we go.

The link to the video clip is here and I’ve added a free printable of the song lyrics, key words and a little colouring activity here ( Le Chanson de l’Ecole ). As always I’d love to hear how you’re getting on if you’re teaching your little one a second language.

Tu va y arriver!



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