Upcycling a Linen Cupboard


I thought I’d share this old upcycle project here.

The modern shabby chic fashion is a new take on the timeless French Provincial style so, obviously, I love it. I have lots of linen and, not having a beautiful armoire to put it in, I decided to convert this dark wardrobe into a linen cupboard instead. I decided that just adding additional shelving wouldn’t do as the utility room where it was to sit was too dark and therefore anything being housed there needed to be bright and light. Apart from it’s colour I love the piece of furniture itself as it has wonderful detailing which has been revealed even more by the paint.

The cupboard before.
The cupboard before.

I decided to go ahead and use Annie Sloan‘s chalk paint as it has little preparation necessary and, as the piece is very old and I may one day regret what I’ve done, it means it can be removed with minimum effort and damage also. The first thing to do was put on my most winsome smile and ask Le Marie to take off the internal bar and add additional shelves. I then painted the exterior and interior in the shade Duck Egg Blue which is a charming blue grey colour. As it’s so thick I didn’t need to add another layer externally because I then added a layer of the same ranges  Old Linen over the top. However I did add an extra layer of the Duck Egg Blue internally. When I wasimage adding the Old Linen, although careful, I wasn’t exact as I knew I was going to distress the finish so that the blue would peep through. Chalk paint is very quick to dry so all these layers weren’t time consuming. Once completely dry I took the finest sand paper available and lightly went over all the surface as chalk paint can be quite bumpy in texture when applied and lightly sanding it removes this. I then chose areas of detail and areas that would naturally wear more, like door edges, for additional sanding to remove the off white shade and allow the blue to come through. With this done I took Annie Sloan’s furniture wax and a lint free cloth and applied it in a circular motion a small area at a time before buffing to a shine with an additional lint free cloth. This seals the paint and gives it a satin-like shine. I love my new linen cupboard and, with jasmine scented paper on the shelves, it holds all my linen in neat piles. Wonderful! image


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