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French Conversation Challenge; Reset

I’m having to reset my challenge. As my husband was away whilst I was doing it I imagethought it would have been an ideal opportunity to learn the language prior to my first meet-up. But I hadn’t counted on;

  • my baby teething and getting a cold at the same time as my four year old getting a cold. Cue lots of getting up in the middle of the night to the point that when they didn’t wake up I still did.
  • My hubby returning and then him keeping me awake.
  • Half term, so both my little ones were alone all the time and, as hubby works from home and needs quiet, constant trips to very loud indoor play centres 😱.

In in the end I was just too tired to think, let alone in French.

I couldn’t even go to the meet up as hubby was far too jet lagged to go or even look after the girls. I knew the idea of breaking free from the house was too good to be true 😉.

Anyway, after panicking over the referendum and coming up with the Irish Solution I’ve had to think how to get back on the horse as it were. So today I’ve booked some time with a French teacher I know who’s going to to give me some French conversation practise. It’s £25 an hour and we’re only going to do it every other week.

This means that I now have until next Thursday to practise. The only trouble is I’m going to find it difficult with my listening skills as our to just broke – ahhhhh!

I’ll keep you updated 🙂.


8 thoughts on “French Conversation Challenge; Reset

  1. I feel that the best way to improve your french conversation is with one-on-one sessions like you have scheduled. I started Skype lessons a few months ago. Even when I feel that I have not done enough preparation/listening/study etc., in advance of our sessions – the conversation sessions are extremely benefical. I am sure that your tutor will know what to ask you or how to prompt you to speak in french. And just doing that – in whatever method you can – helps you to improve!!


  2. Hi Andrea, I have only just landed on your blog, but a huge congratulations to you! Your dedication to your goals (moving to France and learning French) is inspirational. I am a French teacher in Australia, and I, like you, set out to spend some time in France with my three children and husband. Years before actually making it there, I started to put together a little booklet to help parents of non-French-speaking background (like myself) with very young children attempt to speak French with their children in real, everyday situations (changing nappies, going for walks, bath time etc.). At the time, I was attempting this with my own baby. It only ever stayed as a set of hand-written pages, but if this was at all of interest to you, I’d happily search through my old files and send you what I came up with. Cheers, Catherine

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