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French Conversation Challenge; Days 4, 5 and 6

imageI’ve had a bad cold over the weekend and that, as well as my husband away and my baby daughter teething and with her cold also, has meant I haven’t done as much French as I’d like. I did practice some French listening on Saturday and Sunday along with doing some of my Michel Thomas CD’s, but only a little.

I think it’s important, even when you’ve set yourself a challenge like this, to make an honest assessment of when you’re avoiding doing the hard graft and when you’re doing so for a good reason. If I’d pushed myself not only would I perhaps not get physically better, but I’d reach a stage of ‘burn out’ quicker.

Studies have shown that 40 minutes concentrating on a topic at a time when you’re learning something is the ideal amount of time to be most efficient. After that a break is needed to recharge and let what you’ve learnt be subconsciously ingested. The equivilant of concentrating on something else when you have a problem and then, magically, coming up with a solution.

Now, back to work 😜.


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