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French Conversation Challenge; Day 7


So I’ve got back into my French today and I’m finding that I’m improving. I say this because my commitment to speaking French although, although not constantly carried out, has meant that more and more throughout the day I find myself thinking about how I’d say something in French and many little Frenchisms are slipping into my head as I think in English. It’s like I’m a slimmer Hercule Poirot πŸ˜€.


One of the things I’d said I would do is play my Callanetics DVD that I normally use – yes that 80s fitness craze is still going strong in some areas – in French. I did that for the first time today (avoiding exercise is the reason for the delay in this one πŸ˜‰).

For any of you who remember Callanetics and who perhaps used the video at the time I can tell you the French dub of it fits so well! I was struck by how suited to French culture Callanetics actually is; with Callen’s focus on slow, graceful movements and the French actresses melodic voice.

I was able to hear so much of the French it was really pleasing. In the first instance words like corp and lentement jumping out at me, then my being able to unpick while sentences with these indicators as to meaning. I think I understood about 2/3rds of the DVD spoken words – although knowing it so well certainly helped with this.

The added bonus was it made the workout so much more interesting and, as any Callanetics devotee will tell you, this really is a bonus as the effectiveness of the exercises are equal to the boredom you feel from doing the same routine!


I am, like a lot of people, a little bit addicted to candy crush. So I’ve down loaded an app called Duolingo to make better use of my time πŸ˜€. To be honest swapping one for the other is no hardship as Duolingo is addictive too. I haven’t done it for a wee while, but previously when I’ve had a dull evening ahead of me I’ve happily spent a couple of hours working away at it. If you’re learning any language I’d really urge you to give it a tray.

Michel Thomas Vocabulary Course

Having spent a few days away from this I’ve got stuck back into this too. But I’ll update how this is going when I review the course as a whole (for other MT courses see my reviews).




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