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Lenten Devotion; Divine Mercy In French

High-Resolution-Divine-MercyWhat are you doing for lent? This year I’m giving up alcohol and committing myself to prayer. With two children under five I need to think what I can do, rather than promising something I’m not going to manage. So I thought I’d keep the Holy Hour and say the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

It won’t take too long and I thought it would be helpful in the future as I’ve decided to recite the prayers in French. This means that each day throughout lent I have to say the Our Father, Haily Mary and The Apostles Creed; all prayers I’d be saying in mass in French when I (please God) move.

If you’re interested in joining me I’ve done this little print out ( La Prières á la Miséricorde Divine ) (former teacher, I just can’t help myself) with the prayers and how to recite them.

Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday) will be here soon; gosh the year’s going quick!


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