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Soft Pink and Gold French Cabinet


As we’re waiting to move I can’t indulge in my favourite hobby, up cycling old furniture, so I thought I’d share an old project with you. I love french style furniture and often buy pieces with interesting details that I can upcycle. This piece here was an old TV cabinet that I bought on ebay for £10.00. As it was designed for an old style TV it had a large amount of room in the back so it was perfect to make into a cupboard. Le Marie measured and cut out a piece of MDF to be fitted as a back panel as there was none before – and he also added a shelf. I had painted the interior gold and covered the MDF panel in a rose chintz fabric to give it interest when opened. I had also glued on some rose patterned furniture mouldings that I bought cheaply on ebay which complimented the theme – you can see these in more detail below.

I had originally painted the cupboard in an off-white vinyl paint. However when we found out we were going to have our daughter the hubby went a bit mad protecting her from any future mishaps by glueing and then nailing pieces of grey rubber foam to all the furniture in the house as well as sticking on child safety locks. Literally anything under three foot was targeted. I tried to point out that that was a bit over cautious, but he insisted that we couldn’t be too careful.

As time has gone on I’ve managed to persuade him that, as she can’t reach the tops of the cupboard, we could remove some of it and as a result I’ve had to repaint things to cover the damage done.

I thought that I’d share how I painted the cabinet here step by step.

Step One

The first thing I did was paint any details with a gold paint so that some would come through later on (be aware though of the point in step three).


Step Two

I painted the cabinet in a pale pink chalk paint by Autentico called Antique Rose.  The most famous brand of chalk paint is Annie Sloan’s and I do use this. However it thickens considerably whilst applying it and I find that I need to sand it quite a lot afterwards to get a smooth surface. You don’t need to do that with this brand, but you do need to add an extra coat as it doesn’t cover as well. I applied three coats to get good coverage but, as chalk paint dries very quickly, this isn’t as time consuming as it sounds. Particularly when you consider I didn’t need to prep in any other way prior to starting – a benefit all chalk paints have over vinyl ones.


Step Three

I then lightly sanded the chalk paint with the finest grade of sand paper I could find on the detailing to reveal some of the gold. This worked well on the scrollwork and the rose but actually took too much of the gold away on the cornices and shell detailing so I ended up repainting these.


Step Four

The next stage was to apply a dark wax. I used the Annie Sloan brand with a normal stencil brush. I wouldn’t buy one of her brushes as I only need a small amount to highlight detail and I find hers very expensive.

I literally used a dab on each area of detail like the rose and scroll hinge to add depth. As your mum used to say – you can always add more!


Once you feel like you have enough on the details you can start to add some onto the main body of the furniture. What makes this a soft pink rather than a powder pink is the wax, I feel it made it a more sophisticated shade rather than just girly.

You do this by taking some clear wax on a lint free cloth and applying it to an area in a circular motion. Then take a dab of dark wax on another cloth and rub it lightly into the area with the same motion. Then take the same clear wax cloth and add more wax so your removing the amount of darkness you want. Who’d have thought, your mum was wrong after all – you can take it away!

I’ve put a picture below so you can see it mid process so you don’t get freaked out by how dark the wax looks.


I’d love to hear what you think!


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