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French Conversation Challenge; Day 2


I’m updating this the morning after day 2 quickly as, once again, my efforts tired me out (well that and looking after a 4 and one year old who are sick and teething respectively).

My ability to continually speak in French all the time without a constant reminder of the task or someone to to reciprocate is very hard – I frequently forget to do it. That’s not to say it isn’t helpful to attempt it. There have been numerous instances when I did remember in which I either happily formulated simple sentences or found my skills temporarily at a loss, therefore encouraging me to look things up and either remind or inform myself.

The tiredness though is a problem when it comes to developing a skill that I most need to i.e. listening in French. So, although I did French practise with some Michel Thomas yesterday and some reading in French before bed last night (it’s easier as I can control the pace) this is still not developing my skills in the way I need.

So, knowing this to be the case, I had to review my plan. It’s mainly the tiredness that’s causing me to miss this part of my challenge, so I’ve decided to structure how I approach this and kind of timetable slots of types of learning throughout the day (I used to be a teacher – can you tell? 😉). With the listening opportunities planned first when I’m least tired in the mid-morning, some practise with my Michel Thomas CD’s in the afternoon and some reading of French in the evening. I’ve planned this around the rest of my day and, although it seems a lot, it will only be until the French meet-up a fortnight away.

If you have any tips to boost your French conversation let me know – I need all the help I can get!


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