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Five French Nursery Rhymes; Free Download

In a recent post I talked about how I was teaching my daughters French by using nursery rhymes. Well here are five of there favourites that I’ve made into some worksheets for La Belle Fille. They each have the lyrics and a translation, a key word that she can practice her handwriting with and, of course, the obligatory piece of colouring. I think they’re really useful as the book of comptines we are currently using all use a french script which can be confusing for someone learning to read because of the curved typeface. The site that I often use, La Monde Des Petites, although very good also uses this type of script.

The five my daughter chose where;antique_1927_miska_petersham_french_nursery_rhymes_lithographs_pl_163_2ddc7c92

Une Poule Sur Un Mur

Escargot Rigolo

Coccinelle (you don’t need to now a tune for this, its just spoken)

A Cheval Sur Mon Bidet

Bateau Sur L’Eau

You can download the print out here; French Nursery Rhymes.

Lou Messugo

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