Moving To France

Pet Passport


Yeay! One of my things to do has been struck off my list today; I got our cat Moo a pet passport. I actually got this one done very early it turns out. I’ve said that I’ve wanted to move to France for a long time and I thought I was going to go last year, but due to family circumstances it was postponed. During that period I did all my research and previously you had to have the tracing chips done six months before going; hence my promptness.

So last month I took Moo in for her first visit so she could be microchipped and, following this, a rabies vaccination. For some reason it has to be in that order, I don’t know why.

The new rules are that this can be done just  21 days from the date of the vaccination before travelling. The day of vaccination counts as day 0 and not day 1. My repeat visit today was because the vet sends off for the passport and also the chip must be checked that it works by the vet and they then sign everything off and hand over the passport.

So there I was this morning, baby dressed and ready to go, me running around all over the house trying to catch Moo, who lives up to her name. When I did eventually catch her I fought to get her in the cat box, which Le Jolie Fille found hilarious. I had to postpone the appointment it took that long, and when I turned up there I was covered in scratch marks with a ferile looking cat.

She (the vet) was lovely and gave me advice about what the implications where if I wanted to stay in France with the cat. Apparently the Rabies shot only has to be repeated in the UK in 2018, but there are different expectations of how often this occurs in France depending on where you live. This is predominantly because Rabies is a continental problem and doesn’t affect our island in quiet the same way. So some places in France may wish for this to be done yearly as a result.

She he also said that, prior to travel, we should ask for Moo’s records; particularly as Moo has an ongoing medical condition.

I’m oddly excited about getting this done; one step closer!


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